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Relaxing at the edge of a wooded lake on a peaceful June morning, one becomes aware of calming greens of the flora, sweet earthy scents, and playful songs of birds and frogs.  A lone red winged black bird rests on a nearby reed, content to share his space with the soul serenely pondering the scene. This was Connie's first plein air painting and was finished in the studio.

Red Winged Blackbird

PriceFrom $45.00
  • Sizes are to scale according to the aspect ratio of the original work; the work is not cropped. 

    11 x 14 (or closest dimension for correct aspect ratio) is our economy size with the image filling the space all the way to the edge. All larger sizes have an additional 1" border and are signed by the artist.

    More sizes are available; if you desire a size that is not listed, please contact us.

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