About Connie Mae

I create oil paintings that celebrate my love of nature. My work transports the viewer into the scene to experience the peacefulness that nature offers. Influenced by artists such as Asher B. Durand and Andrew Wyeth, my style unites the spirit I sense in each place with the joy I find in each detail. Working from my experiences in nature, I utilize plein air as well as photos for reference, creating an underpainting, then building up with color and glazing techniques similar to that of the old masters.


Artist History

West Virginia artist Connie Mae Moeller grew up hiking in Michigan's woods, drawing and painting from her experiences. She majored in fine art at Spring Arbor University and received additional education at the Kalamazoo Institute of Art. Her early works were accepted into juried shows and galleries receiving honorable mentions. For several years, Connie's artistic attention was devoted to teaching art classes. Since moving to West Virginia in 2012, she enjoys the state’s wild and wonderful outdoors, and her art celebrates the beauty she finds. Her paintings have won awards and been accepted into several juried shows. An active member of her community, she has served on her local council for the arts and contributes to educational art programs. Professional memberships include Tamarack: The Best of West Virginia and Allied Artists of WV.