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Time Enough

Perch of Gold, oil on board, 5" x 5"

Here it is, almost the end of the month and I have yet to write about the art I had chosen for the month of May in my calendar. Since I last wrote here, I have participated in a weekend selling event – setting up a large booth with my art, delivered paintings for two different exhibits, finished two commissioned paintings and took them to a photographer to be prepared for print on a large electrical box in our city, packed and shipped several orders, had numerous medical tests and procedures because of four completely different symptoms that all occurred within a month – all tests showed nothing worrisome (praise the Lord!), went to Michigan to see family, had our grandkids stay with us for almost a week, took a long weekend getaway with Ray, rehearsed for and sang with my church choir and worship team, and got flowers and vegetables planted in our yard. Whew, no wonder I had a hard time finding time to sit at my computer and write!