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Celebrating Flowers in Winter

This month, in the dead of winter, we cheer each other up by giving flowers, candy, and sweet words. So, I used my new floral painting as the image on my calendar for the month of February. I cropped the image of my original painting for the calendar to be less busy and to fit the size of the page better. At the end of this blog, you will see the complete painting.

This painting was a commission, so its story is a little different than those that come from my own experience. To begin, I was contacted by a local gentleman who was looking for an artist who painted in a specific style. He had first contacted our director of Arts Monongahela - Arts Council of Greater Morgantown and was referred to me. Right here is a good place for me to pause and put a plug in for all of the wonderful local arts councils. These groups work hard to promote the arts and to support artists in many ways.